Ball and Parade History From 1981 - Present

Year   Theme   King   Queen   Grand Marshal   Ball Location   Bands
2020   Hiney Sight is 2020   Scot McDavitt   Linda White   Jason Broussard   Baton Rouge River Center (18)   Marcia Ball and Chubby Carrier
2019   Drain the Perversion Canal   Daniel Hoffmann   Gabby Loubieres   Rudy Tucker   Baton Rouge River Center (17)   Tab Benoit and Werewolf
2018   Game of Thongs   Derek Howerter   Jamie Bell   Kandy Fly and Christina Dupre   Baton Rouge River Center (16)   Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band and The Buck Town Allstars
2017   Come Hell or High Water, It's Slippery When Wet   Clarence Buggs   Jenny Bourgeois   Helen Newton and Joshua Ramirez   Baton Rouge River Center (15)   Ides of March with Jim Peterik and guest Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals -
Chris LeBlanc and the Spanish Town Big Band
2016   #PinkParty   Chris Frink   Frankie Moore   Mary Alice Gray   Baton Rouge River Center (14)   Robert Randolph and The Family Band & Buck Town All Stars
  St. Valentine's Day Masquerade   Shelby Holmes   Johanna Smith   Allen Kirkpatrick   Baton Rouge River Center (13)   Bucktown All Stars and The Eddie Smith Band
2014   Flamingo Dynasty   Gil Leachman   Laken Boudreaux   Jay Dardenne   Baton Rouge River Center (12)   Steve Cropper backed by Louisiana's LeRoux w/ Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie and Chris LeBlanc
2013   A Spanish Town Twinkie Ate My Ding Dong   Robert King   Whitney Vann   Gerald Woods   Baton Rouge River Center (11)   Delbert McClinton and
Buck Town All Stars
2012   It's Conival Time!   Edwin Edwards   Liz Fischer   Brian Nolan   Baton Rouge River Center (10)   King’s Ball: Warbabies and Kenny Neal Band

Queen’s Ball: Feliciana and BR All-Star Blues Band
2011   BP Blows and Wiki Leaks   Hillar Moore III   Stephanie Vaughn   Chuck Stoewer   Baton Rouge River Center (9)   The Bucktown Allstars & Johnny Rivers
2010 30th   XXXpress It   Tom Sylvest   Liz Walker   Nick Spitzer   Baton Rouge River Center (8)   BR Blues Society All-Star Band & Steve “The Colonel” Cropper and Friends
2009   Buy Yeaux Bailout   Rob Payer   Margie Moore   Jim “Batman” Spain   Baton Rouge River Center (7)   The Bucktown Allstars & Louisiana’s LeRoux, including Luther Kent, Jimmy Hall and Steve Cropper
2008   Flamingeaux Phil Predicts   Danny McGlynn   "Buffy" Struppeck   Alonzo Hunter   Baton Rouge River Center (6)   Mason McClain & Choices
2007   Quit Flocking Around and Pink Your Own Theme   Kip Holden   Roxanne Leachman   Bill Good   Baton Rouge River Center (5)   George Porter Jr. and Runnin Pardners & Marsha Ball (4)
2006   FEMAture Evacuation   Gary Rispone   D'Aaron LeBlanc   Robert King   Baton Rouge River Center (4)   Louisiana Revue
2005 25th   25 Flockin' Years   C.C. Lockwood   Laura McDavitt   Nelson Maddox   Centroplex Exhibition Arena (3)   The Warbabies & The subdudes
2004   Flamingos Gone Wild   David Applegate   Rebecca Breeden   Phil Brady   Centroplex Exhibition Hall (2)   The Boogie Kings (2) & Deacon John's Jump Blues
2003   La. Purchase – Name Your Price   Bill “Simple” Simon   Rachel Alainna Roach Giacone   Mike “Moe” Richmond   Sheraton Atrium (7)   Amy and the Hank Sinatras & The Boogie Kings
2002   Pink, White and Blue – Show Me Your Colors   Mike “Fozzie” Collins   Chris O’Neil   Doug Cossman   Sheraton Atrium (6)   Paula and the Pontiacs & The Radiators
2001   2001 – A Spaced Out Oddity   Fred Raiford   Stephanie Phares   Doc L’Herisson   Argosy Atrium (5)   Neighborhood All-Stars & Luther Kent and Trickbag
2000 20th   XXcessive MMadness   Randy Hutchinson   Amy Brassett   Carl Stages   Argosy Atrium (4)   Coffee and Marcia Ball (3)
1999   Leathers and Feathers   Jim Babin   Cindy Hills   Bill Brumfield   Argosy Atrium – 10th (3)   Bench Bar Boogie Band (4), Rockin Dopsie Jr. (2) & The Zydeco Twisters (2)
1998   Politically Incorrect   Rodney Carey   Joy McDonald   Ken Nolan   Argosy Atrium (2)   Elements, The Roebucks, Smack, Chris Belleau and the Zydeco Hounds
1997   See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil   Tom Lorio   Trish Carlisle   Dusty Kling   Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium   The Roebucks, Overhead (3), Wayne Toups
1996   Top Ten Reasons to Mardi Gras in Spanish Town   Rubin the dog   Lurline Hamilton   Max LaBranche   Varsity Theatre (3)   Bench Bar Boogie Band (3), Rockin Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters
1995   Manias   Ron Zappe   Malaura Blanchard   David Applegate * Lon Hunter Honorary Not So Grand Wazoo   Varsity Theatre (2)   Bench Bar Boogie Band (2), The Bluebirds
1994   Neatness Counts   David Manship   Debbi Taylor   Jim Work   Varsity Theatre   Bench Bar Boogie Band, Marcia Ball (2)
1993   Krewesing Spanish Town   Holly Beal   JJ Stone   Bruce Childers   Centroplex   Overhead (2), Zachary Richard
1992   Louisiana’s Dirty Laundry   Frank Kean   Marsanne Goldsby   Evy Davis   Ramada Inn   Overhead, Good Rockin Dopsie (3) & the Zydeco Twisters (3)
1991   What If?   Ben Taylor   Renata Grunburger   Ted Hicks   Catfish Town Pilot House   Michael Wolf, Good Rockin Dopsie (2) & The Zydeco Twisters (2), Marcia Ball
1990 10th   What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been   Ed Reed   Donna Britt *Pat Shingleton Honorary   Bob Downing   Old WT Grant Building (Initial Ball)   Good Rockin Dopsie & The Zydeco Twisters
1989   Hollywood Comes to Spanish Town   Bob Earl   Elizabeth Hamilton   Duz Hamilton    
1988   Louisiana – A Fantasy State   Bob Brodhead   Dorothy Daniels   John Glen    
1987   Louisiana, A Royal Miss – Chapter 7   Steve Irving   Pat Norton   Mark Tesson   *Catfish Town   Tabby Thomas (5)
1986   Poor Taste is Better Than No Taste at All   Buckskin Bill Black   Anne Bolar   Stan Masinter   *Catfish Town   Kenny Acosta
1985   Urban Olympics   Tabby Thomas   Jenni Peters   Margo Hicks   *Lagniappe Festival Catfish Town   Tabby Thomas (4), The Beatnix
1984   *$@# Big Brother   Smiley Anders   Hilda Hulbert   Charles Fisher   *In neighborhood   Tabby Thomas (3)
1983   CATS   Price LeBlanc   Leslie Elliot   Don "Z" Zerinque   *In neighborhood   Tabby Thomas (2)
1982   Every Man a Mardi Gras King   Bobby DeBlieux   Mary Canella   Nick Spitzer
Nat Canella
  On Bungalow Lane   Tabby Thomas (1)
1981         Michael Beck     “Kids beating on cardboard boxes”.

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