East Baton Rouge Proposed Parade Ordinance

Councilman Darryl Ourso has put together a draft Parade Ordinance which is scheduled to go before the Metro Council in August, 2006. Voice your opinions here.

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OMG! Here we go AGAIN!

Unread postby Artsy » Jul 25 2007, 02:53 pm

Here is a RANT by Master Dave AKA Jumaggafanny he posted on a YaHOO newsgroup.......... Here goes...........
> From: "David (Jumaggafanny)"
> Subject: [brblkchicken] Spanish Town Mardi Gras
> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:13:32 -0000
> I watched BATMAN on TV this past week and waited for the great
> statement of the Joker I quote, "This town needs and enema." . I
> wanna stay semi-original, so we're stuck with my made up version
> recycled from last year or the year before, "Baton Rouge, a
> desperate city". Yes, 2 or 3 clearly discernable syllables, (des',per
> at.), not pronounced like deskrat. I'll revisit that later. We know
> this is a city that facing the Jokers observation took a laxative,
> thus disparation…and they want to take it out on me and you…They want
> to shit on our parade.
> You see the SHITTY PARISH is at it again. Parade year 2008 with the
> new and improved permit demands. Topping off the crap from the
> Delusional Desperado's (front men for th'deskrat) is they will only
> allow 75 floats. If the constriction of float numbers fails to grab
> your nads try this one shoved up you ass, we also have another hurdle
> to clear. Since they are making new rules as they want by changing
> the list, we have another (new) signature to obtain. "Risk
> Management" oh boy, doesn't that almost say "No Fun Allowed". Yet
> another department in the layers of shitty parish government. This
> has developed into a week long effort for us to obtain a permit and
> I'm planning to rail against it in a letter or another suitable
> response….
> According to another board member, EBRPD sited an issue of 220 floats
> in another parade, very blatant at more than double the permit
> allowance. I'm guessing they have more police incidents than we do,
> moral high ground lemmings like that issue. We can expect less
> leeway and now "Risk Management" is required to "sign" (off) on our
> parade permit. Can you say poo poo in Government talk? We already
> expected escalation of the "Street Closure" permit for the
> awards/after party. I've got to get my flame machine going this is
> isn't just straw number 19,741 but I think it is the last straw!! I
> don't know if I told you deskrat has declared 3rd street unsuitable
> for our parade…We want a vibrant Downtown but not with those flamingo
> folks!
> These fucking assholes at the city parish…(I'm just getting warm)
> ….How do we tell them we are a professional parade organization with
> more than 20 yrs. experience? The Chamber chumps can buy the rights
> to all the advertising campaigns they want but on parade day "WE ARE
> BR"….Not just the board of directors, but all the krewes and
> spectators alike, We Baton Rouge, so like get over it Bitch!
> Who identified the need for ten of thousands of dollars worth of
> barricades then bought em' and GAVE them to the Shitty Parish? Not
> Who pioneered the "Alcohol Free Zone" (not free Alcohol) Not the ABC
> board, BRPD, DPW or any other Shitty Parish departments that go by
> initials.
> They Killed off Capt.America like WTF? I'm already suffering some
> effects in my own super powers. (I know it's not age but )I'm
> alleging in my new disability claim, "that as a direct result of the
> loss of another Capt. with super power" I can no longer change
> between the "Chill-man" doing Total Immersion Hydro-therapy in Bay
> St. Louis, MS and "Flame-thrower" exterminator of rats and
> roaches, protector of pink parades. I've gotta get the burn going,
> check out the other powers like smell. See if I'm able to follow the
> poop trail to the deskrat shitting on our parade. That's the super
> power I like least because I have to hold my nose so often, not just
> when voting like the rest of you.
> If there is anything you think you or your sick friends can do please
> copy this forward this print it on hemp paper and smoke it we're
> running out of time …I'm scheduled to lose yet more power as *hard feather*
> fighting draws to a close In Louisiana. Hurry!! It's just a matter of
> time until we all run out of time!!
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