East Baton Rouge Proposed Parade Ordinance

Councilman Darryl Ourso has put together a draft Parade Ordinance which is scheduled to go before the Metro Council in August, 2006. Voice your opinions here.

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Unread postby Gilfish » Jul 28 2006, 11:23 pm


Good to see you back in the pink. Know you have been busy here and out of state. I sent out emails to all friends, council persons and mayor as well as last weekend Coonfacecat, Jen*, Koolbreeze28 and I hit several night clubs both downtown and out near LSU. We handed out fliers, that had council persons contact info. on the back, to everyone we saw and we explained what was going on. We got tremendous support and many took several fliers to hand out as well. We will keep handing out fliers where ever we go. If anyone needs a copy of these fliers just let me know and I will email it to you. We used black print on pink paper and got two fliers per page. I looks good so far but you want to know what I think>>> You can not trust a politician I don't care who it is. You must continue to follow through as though it were going to the council as it may have been yanked off of the council adjenda but could be placed back on at the last minute. Especially since we do not know is behind pushing for the Parade Ordinance. To all the Flamingoheads out there goot job and keep up the good work.
Krewe out for fun
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Unread postby koolbreze28 » Jul 28 2006, 11:41 pm

Thanks Gilfish...I had a great time....Its amazing what a few people can do with a little determination and Kinko's. LOL
Smile, someone may be admiring you! ;)
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Unread postby Rosie P. » Jul 29 2006, 02:21 pm

Hey Gil, you can email me a flyer if you want and I'll put some up in my office and hand some out along my way where ever I may roam.

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Fixin' unbroken stuff...

Unread postby JuMagGaFanny » Aug 02 2006, 08:45 am

There is nothing in the proposed parade ordinance that is relevant that can not be addressed by parade rules. NO NEW LAWS ARE REQUIRED. I still cant understand the statement made by the parish attys office there will be an ordinance whether you like it or not... No, I dont like it, and Im not going to have them massage the language over and over then force it on me. Who is behind this Walter Monsour, Kip Holden, The BRPD, DPW. Who ever they are they have not shown themselves yet so we cannot mount a campaign to fight this. Hiding behind burecratic barriers.
Later this week Ill post my complete response to The East Baton Rouge proposed parade ordinance, and show line by line that they are stomping on the flamingo, choking off our artistic rights of free expression and generally trying to throw water on a good time.
Im going to get to the root cause of this and post my findings.
Kneel before the mighty JuMagGaFanny you flamingo killers and receive justice.
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It's alive again!!!

Unread postby JuMagGaFanny » Sep 15 2006, 02:42 pm

JumMagGaFanny didnt speak with a lisp
So his friends knew he was pithed!
He wasnt embarrassed to say Shitty Parish.
Then declared If the foo shits you wareth.

I thought someone had driven a wood stake into the heart of this Proposed Parade Ordinance (PPO) and killed it. We thought it was dead but Nooooo!! Its still alive!!
Poo Poo on the PPO

I got this email from Liz Aldrich, Councilman Oursos office. Wed 9-13-06. They have broadened the language bla blab la but relentlessly push this ordinance.

In the end this will only enlarge government and shrink personal freedom.

This is will limit artistic expression of krewes.

Its clear that our condom (and whats inside) is larger than the height limits they seek to impose. http://wastedkrewe.com/1991.htm
They would curb our effort to offer those frozen treats, the famous *Richard* sickle
and of course they are outlawing the energy efficient asphalt party barge known as the kREWSER.
These amazing feats were brought to you by the wASTEDkREWE done without incident and without interference by the shitty parish.

Read my lips
We dont need an ordinance
Thank you kindly for thinking of us, but no thanks.
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read it here...bitch to someone else...

Unread postby JuMagGaFanny » Sep 15 2006, 02:50 pm

The regulations contained in this section are ordained and required for the public health, safety, good order, convenience and general welfare of the community. It is the intention of this section to establish reasonable limits to the demand for police, fire, sanitation, and other parish services and to maintain the great tradition of parades, walks and footraces in East Baton Rouge Parish
For the purpose of this ordinance, the following terms are defined as follows:
Parade is a permitted event staged during the year consisting of floats, mini floats, truck floats, bands and marching organizations.
Float is a vehicle with four (4) or more wheels without brakes or an engine for its own propulsion, upon which is constructed artistic designs and which carries costumed and masked riders, and is pulled by a tractor, mules or horses, or vehicle.
Parade Organization is a corporation (profit or non-profit) organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, for the purpose of staging a parade and other associated activities.
Truck-float is a normal commercial semi-trailer and/or flat bed, which is decorated and carries costumed and masked riders, not to exceed sixty (60) feet in length including the truck cab, no more than ten (10) feet in overall width including all decorations and no more than fifteen (15) feet six (6) inches in height from the street level.
Application for permit.
(a) Application for parade permits shall be received by the Baton Rouge Police Department Traffic Division between one hundred eighty days (180) and thirty days (30) each year preceding the parade
(b) For Mardi Gras Parades - the Baton Rouge Police Department, Department of Public Works and other public agencies associated with the parade route approval, will hold an informational meeting for all interested parties of Mardi Gras/Carnival Parades prior to the start of the parade season to review all matters in connection with the staging of these events.
(a) Each parade organization shall carry a minimum limit of liability insurance as determined by the City-Parish Risk Manager. The Parish of East Baton Rouge, all districts and special districts of the Parish of East Baton Rouge shall be named as an additional insured to the liability policy issued to each float or truck parade organization.
A parade permit shall not be issued without receipt from the insurer or its agent of record of a bona fide certificate of insurance, which indicates that the Parish of East Baton Rouge, all districts and special districts of the Parish of East Baton Rouge are additional insured. As additional insured, the Parish of East Baton Rouge, all districts and special districts of the Parish of East Baton Rouge shall be afforded coverage to the same extent as the named insured.
(b) The Insurance company shall have an "A" or "B" rating.
(c) Each parade organization agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify the parish, all districts and special districts of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, its departments and employees for any and all damages to property and/or personal injury that results in a loss to the parish and/or its departments that may occur as a result of the sole or concurrent negligence or sole or concurrent fault on the part of the parading organization.
(d) Each vehicle in a parade shall be properly insured.
Safety - General
In all parades, when applicable, the following measures shall be implemented.
(a) Fire extinguishers. Each float and each deck of a multi-deck float shall have at least one dry chemical powder extinguisher with a minimum of a 4A-40BC rating or at least two dry chemical powder extinguishers with a minimum of a 2A-10BC rating. Fire extinguishers shall be securely mounted and readily accessible. Fire extinguishers may be mounted on either the tractor or the float.
(b) Ladders. Each float or truck float shall have a sufficient amount of ladders or stairs to permit riders easy access and exit from the float or truck.
(c) Safety chains. There shall be a sufficient number of safety chains of adequate tensile strength on all tractor hitches which shall be firmly attached to the float.
(d) Generators. All electrical generators utilized to provide power for floats shall be mounted on the tractor. Generators utilized to provide power for truck floats may be mounted on the truck float provided that there is adequate ventilation and sufficient separation of the generator from the riders. Fuel for generators must be stored in UL approved containers and must be adequately separated from any source of heat and from float riders.
(e) All liquid fueled flambeaux shall be fueled by class II combustible liquids having a flash point at or above 100F, such as kerosene (fuel oil), mineral spirits, or similar type fuels.
Class I flammable liquids having a flashpoint below 100F, such as gasoline or alcohol based fuels shall be prohibited.
(f) No participant in any capacity in any parade shall possess or have in his or her custody or control any life threatening object, any noxious substance or any liquid intended to be sprayed, poured, tossed, handed out, or otherwise distributed.
(g) No glass beverage containers shall be permitted in a parade, except for use in the designated toasting area of each parade.
(i) No person shall be allowed to participate in a parade if obviously intoxicated.
(j) The carrying of firearms by any parade participant is prohibited. Duly commissioned law enforcement personnel are exempted. Any other persons duly authorized and licensed to carry a firearm and is acting in an official capacity must notify the Baton Rouge Police Department with the reason for carrying such firearm and be approved by the department to carry such firearm.
Public Safety Parade Route.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person, at any time, to place or cause to be placed any type of obstruction, including but not limited to ropes, tents, scaffolds, or barricades, which may act as an impediment to vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any right-of-way along a parade route without first securing proper permission from the Police Department.
For the purpose of this section, the right-of-way is that portion of ground dedicated to the parish for public use as a street, median, or other use and shall include that portion of ground between the paved portion of the dedicated street and the property line of the adjacent landowner. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the usage of right-of-way by law enforcement, medical or safety personnel or to any usage in compliance with applicable parish ordinances.
(b) Parking shall be prohibited along any parade route as posted.
(c) It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or spray any object at or to any participant, vehicle or animal in a parade.
(d) Parade viewers are required to obey those restrictions placed on them by the presence of barricades positioned by the Baton Rouge Police Department or authorized employees of the parish. Any Baton Rouge Police Officer or authorized parade official is hereby recognized as the enforcer for this section.
(a) All drivers shall possess a current valid drivers license issued by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety for the appropriate type of vehicle driven in a parade.
(b) It shall be prohibited for any driver of any motor vehicle to toss or hand out throws or trinkets of any kind.
(a) No throws or trinkets of any kind shall be tossed or handed out to the front or rear of a float or truck or other vehicle.
(b) Discarding of debris, trash, and packaging along the route of the parade shall be prohibited.
(c) Riders not in compliance with any of the above may be removed from the parade by the organizations designated official or a police officer.
Alcohol Free Zone
For Downtown Parades: The area generally bounded by North 4th Street to the west, North 6th Street to the east, Convention Street to the north and North Boulevard to the south is hereby designated as an Alcohol Free Zone for any parade.
Floats (including truck floats) for All Parades
(a) Float sizes shall be as follows:
For all Downtown Parades:
A regular krewe float or truck-float shall not be more than sixty (60) feet in length, no more than twelve (12) feet in width and no more than seventeen (17) feet in height from the street level
For Residential Area Parades:
A regular krewe float or truck-float shall not be more than sixty in (60) feet in length, no more than twelve (12) feet in width and no more than fourteen (14) feet in height from the street level.
(b) The combined number of floats or trucks in any parade shall not exceed ninety (90) units.
(c) All decorations and attachments on each float or truck shall be securely fastened, with no sharp, pointed, or cornered objects on the exterior. No protruding nails shall be allowed on floats or trucks.
(d) Floats may be pulled by a mule, horse, tractor, or vehicle presenting a full view of the operator. The operator shall have visible access to the front and sides of the vehicle in his control.
(e) Interior height shall be forty (40) inches from deck of float to the top of railing or safety harnesses shall be provided.
(f) All floats shall have bead racks or hook devices for beads.
(g) All tires on floats and vehicles pulling floats shall be in good condition.
(h) Each truck float shall contain an approved sanitary facility sufficient to accommodate the number of riders thereon and conform to prevailing health unit requirements.
(i) Cabs pulling trucks during a truck parade shall have no more than three (3) occupants including the driver in the driver compartment.
Horses and mules.
(a) Each horse rider must present a current animal health certificate, also known as a Coggins Certificate, to the respective parade organization no less than one week (7 days) prior to the event.
(b) Adequate spacing shall be maintained between horses during the parade.
(c) For safety purposes horse heads shall be faced to the crowd when the parade is stopped
(d) Saddles and bridles are required for all riders. Tack shall be in good condition allowing the rider to maintain control of the horse.
(e) Riders are forbidden to move out of line formation for other than emergency conditions and riders are not to dismount or tie unattended horses along the parade route.
(f) Each horse riding group and vehicle being pulled by mules or horses is required to provide, at its own expense, at least one (1) person at the rear of the riding group with a barrel type container to pick up all droppings.
(g) Each horse will be provided and must bear a numerical banner as authorized by the parade organization. Said banner must remain in conspicuous viewing on the horse the entire duration of the parade.
(h) Horses used by law enforcement as crowd control are exempt from these provisions.
Unauthorized persons or vehicles.
(a) Any person, group or vehicle participating in a parade without proper authorization from the parading organization or who in any manner interferes with the orderly conduct of the parade shall be subject to immediate arrest. Any vehicle or animal accompanying that person may be seized and impounded by the proper law enforcement authorities.
(b) All permitted vehicles shall display a participation card duly authorized by the parading organization.
(c) The parading organization shall appoint a designated member to remove participants not authorized or who violate the provisions of this ordinance.
Outdoor concessions during Parades.
(a) Any property owner or business owner or lessee may apply to operate an outdoor concession during a parade provided they have the proper facilities which pass inspection by the Department of Public Works and, if required, by the State Department of Health.
The Director of the Department of Public Works is hereby granted full authority to make inspections and to pass upon each place as to whether they meet the requirements or not, and is hereby given authority to close any business that does not comply.
(b) All applications for such outdoor concessions shall be made at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the start of the parade. Any stands constructed and doing business without approval, permits and licenses shall be deemed inoperable by the appropriate authorities.
(c) All provisions of the Rolling Vendor or Peddlers License permit process shall be adhered to as required for the respective license request.

Representatives of the Baton Rouge Fire Department, Police Department and the Health Department shall have the right to inspect each parade for which a permit has been issued to ascertain that the provisions of this chapter have been observed.

If any safety violations are found, the organization responsible for these violations shall correct the violations prior to a second inspection, if deemed necessary.

If these violations are not corrected by the time of the second inspection, the particular float piece of equipment, or other apparatus on which the violation occurs shall be removed from the parade.

Additionally, if at any time during the parade the fire department, police department, or health department determines that the physical or safety requirements of this chapter are not being observed, the particular float, piece of equipment or other apparatus may be removed from the parade.

Animal parades.
Insert language, as applicable from Greg Jones (Krewe of Mutts)
Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject to a fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).
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Unread postby The Queen 2004 » Sep 15 2006, 04:35 pm

(i) No person shall be allowed to participate in a parade if obviously intoxicated.

This must be a gag, eh? Surely they're kidding. Even those who don't drink are intoxicated by giddiness on parade day.

Ohhh, I think there's a knot in my stomach.
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