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Unread postPosted: May 25 2006, 12:39 pm
by Gilfish
The Bier Bog is ready for a good time at the Spanish Town Golf Tourneyment up in Ethly. Is anyone else ready to have some fun?

Unread postPosted: May 28 2006, 09:51 am
Dusty and gang,
Once again you did a great job, The food was good the prizes were as always good. We had a wonderful time and go ahead and put us down for next year.

Unread postPosted: May 28 2006, 01:28 pm
by Gilfish
I agree with GRHM. Dusty and all associated with this years golf tourneyment did an excellent job. The Bier Bog team had the best time and can not wait till next years tourneyment and by the way Jim the music was perfect could be heard all over the course what an excellent touch.

Golf Tournament Final Results

Unread postPosted: May 30 2006, 01:02 pm
by Weborah
The 5th Annual Spanish Town Mardi Gras Invitational Golf Tournament Final Results have been posted on the Golf Page ( Photos will be posted soon.

Unread postPosted: Jun 04 2006, 05:43 pm
by koolbreze28
I know I had a wonderful time! Love the Jager. Cant wait for more good times to come. :wink:

PS Remember try and NOT smoke the pencils, lol.

Unread postPosted: Jun 05 2006, 12:18 pm
by Gilfish
Jager and trying to smoke a pencil??????? sound like an interesting story some where out there on the course.

Unread postPosted: Jun 09 2006, 09:23 pm
by koolbreze28
It was a great time. Next time we are going to have to share the story and Jager. LOL. It is one I will never forget. LOL :D