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Unread postby Kallista » Aug 24 2005, 03:54 pm



Unread postby gjp605 » Sep 03 2005, 10:32 pm

Viva Pink Vegas - Elvis is Back!

Parade Theme

Unread postby Krewe of Up Dawg » Sep 06 2005, 08:17 pm

Flock Katrina!
Krewe of Up Dawg

And Now For Something Completely Different

Unread postby Kyoshi » Sep 08 2005, 12:20 pm

As much as I personally like "Flock Katrina" I feel that just the word "Katrina" is going to bring up very bad memories for quite a while (and we really wouldn't want to put the memory of Aunt Gertrude floating face up outside the Superdome while crackheads are looting the Big Easy into the forefront of our party, not to mention the sudden increase in, er, "Citizens" in our fair city). No, what we need is a total diversion to get our minds away from the annihilation of our biggest city...what we need is something completely different!
Given that...what about a Monty Pythonish feel? Anyone even remotely familiar with Monty Python can see it's a Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade ready to happen..with Dead Parrots, the Ministry of Silly Walks, Vikings singing about Spam, and Confuse-a-Cat. I can easily see the Lawn Mowing Precision Team dressed as King Arthur's Knights (Complete with Holy Hand Grenades and Killer Bunnies), and does anyone else remember when District Attourney Ossie Brown (The DA at the time) helped ban "Life of Brian" from Baton Rouge? (Talk about a "Remember When" and just look at the Crapolia they let in the Movie Theatres today!) There are also room for the spin-offs...What about Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 days? Fish Called Wanda anyone? Time Bandits..Brazil...
I daresay Mr Neutron, the Lumberjacks (I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Ok), The Pantomine Horse, and the Monty Python's Flying Circus Theme Song (and don't forget "Every Sperm is Sacred!") might be just the diversion we need. Goodness knows that this is going to be the saddest Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Can we even start to guess the re-procussions Katrina is going to have on next year's Carnival Season?). Whatever theme we do pick people are going to be thinking about New Orleans...Let's take it into another direction for a change. (How about a Python Look-alike contest, with the winner being the Grand Marshall and the woman with the being the Queen? They can throw "Crunchy Frogs")
Yup, It's Time for Something Completely Different (To Quote John Cleese), wouldn't you say?

Just my two cents (can you tell I also support Louisiana Public Broadcasting?)

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favorite theme so far...but I am still thinking..hehehe

Unread postby skitty » Sep 18 2005, 08:52 pm

Flock Katrina..... is GREAT!

Its perfect...FLOCK KATRINA......
Everyone feels that way and forever will!
Spanish Town...It's... a state of mind...
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Unread postby Karaoke Barbie » Sep 18 2005, 08:54 pm

Cute "idea" - but we already used the *flock* term....

Rock You Like A Hurricane.
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Unread postby rdtabor » Sep 19 2005, 05:37 pm

"Flock" seems to always be used in Spanish Town because of its semblence to the other "F" word. :lol:
But I think you're onto something...maybe "Flock You Like A Hurricane!"
And have the owner of Johnny White's Bar in New Orleans as Grand Marshal since he has kept his bar open throughout all this! :D
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