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Unread postby Sister Mary Flamingo » Feb 09 2006, 03:40 pm

This was in Baton Rouge Daily Business Report today:
"Metro Council Member Darrell Ourso says he is considering a new ordinance, modeled after a similar law in Jefferson Parish, mandating certain rules for Mardi Gras floats, such as no glass bottles, no smoking, no generators, required ladders, maximum heights and more. "We've been very fortunate that nothing has ever happened in the past," Ourso says, "but we still need these safeguards." Also on tap -- possibly -- are new fees for police overtime to provide security for the parades, as well as other outdoor events. "

New fees would mean higher float entry fees! How many years has Spanish Town paraded without Mr. Ourso's guidance???
Sister Mary Flamingo
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Sister Mary Flamingo

Unread postby Weborah » Feb 09 2006, 04:14 pm

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your username... but hate the article in the Business Report. :smt093

aka Weborah
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Unread postby DANI B. » Feb 09 2006, 05:15 pm

YEAH....Ourso SOLD OUT the residences of Shenandoah. I guess the next step is all of Baton Rouge. What a jerk!
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Unread postby belle » Feb 09 2006, 06:27 pm

Maybe a good PINK FLOCKING should be given to Mr. Ourso at the next meeting. I think the WHOLE City Parish Govt. needs to be reminded that SPLL gives it all up to charity. Last I heard we live in East Baton Rouge and were doing just fine without any help or advice from that being said and being a newbie flocker....I say cover the place in PINK.. cause everybody seems to be in a MUCH better mood after a good FLOCKING
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Unread postby GRHM » Feb 09 2006, 11:12 pm

I think that we need to find him a position in state or fed government.
Anyone that can provide such fornicated in an upward direction ideas with such consistency needs to be promoted
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Unread postby Gilfish » Feb 09 2006, 11:59 pm

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Spanishtown parade in downtown Baton Rouge since the early 90's. I can not see this parade being anywhere else but where it has been rolling since its inception. However, if the SPLL has additional restrictions on the floats and additional fees put in place then I feel that the charities SPLL is helping would ultimately suffer. Maybe next year we need to have a theme centered around Mr. Arsole. Sounds like there would be plenty of material for flockers to have fun with. We will have to wait and see if he continues with this nonsense. If he does then maybe, as painful as it would be, SPLL needs to put feelers out to see if another city would be receptive to hosting Spanishtown.

It sounds like all the good that SPLL does is not appreciated by our local politicians. Yes, we are a party bunch of flockers but we do have a sense of pride and we want to continue putting forth our best efforts in supporting local charities. I would like to see the largest portion of the fees going toward charities and not to support local government who has deep pockets.

Food for thought: Maybe another city in a different Parish who has similar charity needs and would like to work with SPLL in order to help their local charities. I would prefer to stay in East Baton Rouge Parish and support the local charities but sooner or later enough has to be enough.

But for now, let's concentrate on having a flocking good time for the remainder of this Pink season.
Krewe out for fun
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Mr Arsole

Unread postby brewmeister » Feb 10 2006, 10:05 am

Gilfish ma man, splendid idea you have! The residents of Shenandoah would make Mr Arsole, eh, lets say, dirty his pants.
I think letting Mr Arsole know of our tentative future plans may persuade him to keep his yap shut. And who cares what goes on in Jefferson parish anyway. If and when this thing rears its' ugly head we as a fun loving, charitable group need to unite and bombard the council and mayor's office with calls and emails and dollar figures of whom and how much we help in this community and the needy.
We will lay in wait and conserve our resources until needed. Brewmeister :twisted:
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