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Unread postby Karaoke Barbie » Feb 23 2006, 03:31 pm

"Because God loves us flockers and he promised thousands of years ago -- before Noah -- to never let it rain on our pink parade"

Be safe. I'll miss you
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Karaoke Barbie
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Unread postby aeonicos » Feb 23 2006, 05:36 pm

thank you for the history queen r.
bsides, since when has the weather man been right.
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Unread postby Weborah » Feb 23 2006, 06:24 pm

aeonicos wrote:thank you for the history queen r.
bsides, since when has the weather man been right.

Good point... I truely hope this is one of "those" times! This Flamingo don't like frolicking in the rain. :smt018

aka Weborah
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Unread postby Gilfish » Feb 23 2006, 11:16 pm

At great risk a group of us went out last night :twisted: and sacraficed a Spanish Town Road intersection as well as a Board members sidewalk. This was to please the god's so that we would have good weather for the parade. One person in high places even got her feet pink. The PPF (Pink Paint Fumes) had us in our usual rare form. You had to have been there that is all I can say.
Krewe out for fun
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MVP Flocker
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Ickee weather

Unread postby avenger » Feb 24 2006, 08:59 am

Flock rain-THINK SNOW!!!!!!
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SPLL Board
SPLL Board
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I'm Flocking my Darndest!

Unread postby LunaSky43 » Feb 24 2006, 11:09 am

\:D/ Geez guys I'm doing my best! ...I did the TOPLESS Train/Rain GO AWAY Dance at the Balcony Wed night. :smt089
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PINK feetsies!

Unread postby Artsy » Feb 24 2006, 11:40 am

Gilfish....... I STILL have pink feetsies! How on earth did I actually think those socks would protect me??
We went yesterday and checked it out in the daylight....... a GREAT paint job!
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Queen 2006
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