Rogue and Advertising Member -- Always a battle!

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Rogue and Advertising Member -- Always a battle!

Unread postby Weborah » Feb 14 2011, 12:08 am

I've battled getting rogue and advertising Members (people who just want to take advantage of porn or other sites to link to our site) and I'm busy HOURS of EACH day doing this!

Keep in mind that in my judgement calls your New Membership could be "chopped" in the process, if this happens please let me and I'll make it right. You may have to register again letting me know that you are legit.

I'm sorry for any hassle it may cause you but it's taking HOURS of my days and WEEKS and it's getting out of control When they see an active sit they pounce on it like vultures and we have to kill the vultures before they smell! LOL :smack:

Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have a problem. Spanish Town Mardi Gras Flockers are the VERY BEST!!


EDITED TO ADD: If you have not activated your account in a few hours it will be automatically deleted and sometimes suspicious email addresses banned. If you happen to fall into that group please let me know by email though the web site's Contact Page. I don the best I can but sometimes they get though.

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