New Krewes for 2006

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New Krewes for 2006

Unread postby Dusty » Oct 31 2005, 04:25 pm

The Spanish Town parade has a permit for 75 floats for 2006. Krewes that have paraded the previous year have first choice for these 75 slots. Entry forms were sent out to these krewes in October and they will have until mid December to make their choice. If there are any slots open after December 15th, SPLL will send out New Krewe Request forms to those who have requested one. The board will then pick new krewes from those krewes that have returned a New Krewe Request Form to be in the parade. If you would like a New Krewe Request Form sent to you, please post your address or email on this forum or use the contact page to email the webmaster. Remember, New Krewe Request Forms will not be sent out until after December 15th.
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New Krewe for 2006

Unread postby CherylCook » Jan 06 2006, 10:52 am

This is from the KREWE OF COOKIE
First of all we have paid for two spots in your parade for the past 2 years one of the spots was for our krewe and the other spot was for a new krewe (I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!) No one had a problem with us paying for the 2 spots until this year. Well the money was sent back to me for the new krewe the first time, they said we had to wait until after December 15th to request for a spot for a new krewe so i did that low and behold the money was sent back to me again. I even went on the website and requested a form for a new krewe just like everyone else. I recieved my money back January 3, 2006. Now you kept my money for 2 weeks making me think that we a the other spot so we rented the float to the new krewe thinking they would be able to be in the parade but guess what not gonna happen. So here it is a month away i have a float rented to a new krewe and they have no spot in your parade. I understand that this parade is so awesome that everyone wants to be in it. And we have a great time every year and would not miss it for the world. I was just disappointed in the way it was handled this time. If you can help please let me know

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Easily confused JumMagGaFanny

Unread postby JuMagGaFanny » Jan 09 2006, 11:50 am

Maybe I'm confused here, what the problem?
Is it you are not able to financially gain by renting a float, or is it your friends aren't going to get to parade? I think your concerns may fall on deaf ears if it's the loss ofr Blain Kern type rental income you lament.
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