Complaints about floats in 2016 parade

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Complaints about floats in 2016 parade

Unread postby layne » Feb 08 2016, 02:38 pm

From way over here in Lafayette, I'm reading complaints about two floats that sound serious indeed. One is the "Pink Lives Matter," with the "I can't breathe" flamingo, which is being described as insensitive to race, incendiary, disrespectful to people of color. The other is one with a casual reference to rape.

I didn't attend the parade this year but walked in the original parade and participated in several thereafter. I don't think it's wrong for the parade to change from its original character but it does sound as though these two floats went over the line of decency -- and the photos I've seen verify that, for me, they definitely did.

Where can you draw the line as to where satire loses its playful bite and becomes hateful? I think that any time it degrades, belittles, or dismisses a group that has diminished power, it becomes bludgeoning of the underdog. And in both these cases, it did.

Is there a person or committee with the courage to toss out floats that communicate hateful, degrading messages before they roll? Can anyone ban groups that have already paraded with such messages? I think the future of the parade might depend on such decency.

Layne St. Julien
Lafayette, LA
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