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Unread postby brightstar » Nov 13 2006, 08:20 pm

I would like to send my vote to the Fox and Hound night for Roxanne Leachman
since I have known her she has promoted Spanish town and the ball and made sure we make it there.
I have a Dr. appt and don't know if I will make it to support her so hope everyone else does.... I will be there in spirit......

So please vote for Roxanne...

did everyone get the email about bringing your choice to the fox and the hound.
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Congratulations Queen Roxanne!!!

Unread postby Weborah » Nov 16 2006, 05:39 pm

Congratulations All Mighty Queen Roxanne!!


aka Weborah
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Unread postby LeapinLizzie1 » Nov 16 2006, 05:44 pm

:P Here, Here...God Save the Queen!
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Unread postby brightstar » Nov 16 2006, 10:15 pm

You go girl,
Glad to see you got it and glad you called,

sorry I could not make it to the Fox and Hound..

Everyone hold on for the fun and the kindest hearted person I know...

oopss am I not suppose to say that...

GO WILD WOMAN... :twisted:
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Thanks to the SPLL Board

Unread postby Gilfish » Nov 17 2006, 12:19 am

Now that the word has gone out to the public, I will say to the SPLL Board you sure kept up the suspense this year. However, all of the suspense and tension that was building up sure boke loose at the Queens Audition at the Fox and Hound. I do not think that the Fox and Hound will ever be the same. I doubt that they have ever had such a loud group audition and put on such a show. All kinds of alcholol was consumed and as the night went on the wilder the party got. There were a lot of great photos taken. However, upon downloading them from the camera to computer a glitch occurred that caused all the photos and movies taken to be erased. I guess that everyone is now off the hook!!!! For those who wanted copies what can I say, "I guess like in Vagas what happened at the Fox and Hound will have to stay at the Fox and Hound.

The new 2007 Spanish Town Queen (Coonfacecat) was humbled to receive the title and by midnight after consuming a lot of Yager, beer and champaign :smt030 she started becoming worried if she was going to make it home. I believe her first night as the 2007 Spanish Town Queen was one for the books as a lot of fun for was had by the SPLL Board, the new Queen and her Fraulines. Upon making it home (barely)she went comatose :smt015 till mid morning when she got up and was ready to start partying again. I don't know how she does it.

I would like to say thanks to each SPLL board member for their confidence in her. She was very stunned :shock: at the anouncement and it really meant a lot her, her family and her friends. Also thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. Now the hard work starts to insure that the 2007 Spanish Town Ball has the "GREATEST PINK MARDI GRAS SHOW ON EARTH."

Now, let the wild season of the 2007 Spanish Town Mardi Gras begin and may it be the wildest pink path :smt050 season ever. It will be very hard to exceed the very high marks that were made by 2006 Queen D'Aaron :smt023 and her krewe but we will give it our best. We will not let the City rain down on our parade.

I just have to love the 2007 Queen!!!!!

Krewe out for fun
Always looking for that next pink encounter
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Unread postby jen* » Nov 17 2006, 09:36 am


This competition was T - O - U - G - H!!!!!!

My congratulations to Queen Roxanne and heartfelt gratitute to Queen D'Aaron for my wonderful first year as a member of STLA. I see many, many more in the future.

Learning the way of the PINK!
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Unread postby koolbreze28 » Nov 22 2006, 11:39 am

Hey Jen, I second that!! It was tough, but I know that Roxanne will do a great job. She's already stressing out.....I think that's a requirement. LOL. :wink:
Smile, someone may be admiring you! ;)
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